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There are many submarkets within the blow molded bottle market, each with its own demands, requirements and challenges. Each offers opportunity for improvement. Whether you’re producing bottles for beverages, extended shelf life opaque white bottles for dairy, or pearlescent bottles for personal care, Penn Color will deliver the optimal products for your needs.

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Caps and closures are a small piece of the overall package, yet are highly engineered components, requiring an equally well engineered masterbatch. There are many factors to be taken into consideration when developing a color masterbatch for a closure, and we go through great lengths to understand all of those factors before we formulate.

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Special effect concepts that push the technical limits in packaging, creating never-before-seen colors and effects which inspire new ideas and enhance the shelf appeal of packages.

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Retail Products

Retail products often require combinations of health and safety certifications, elevated process temperature stability, color harmony, short cycle times & dimensional stability. This family of products often places greater demands on the performance of its masterbatches, and Penn Color is well positioned to meet all of these demands.

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Nail Polish

For over 30 years, Penn Color has been a global leader in the supply of cosmetic grade nitrocellulose pigment dispersions. Offered in both solid chip and liquid paste forms, our extensive color palette provides nail lacquer producers with the tools to design, and successfully market, an unlimited number of new colors each year.

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