Pigment Dispersions for Inks & Coatings

Water Based Pigment Dispersions

Penn Color has several product lines suitable for various water-based ink and coating applications. As new water-based opportunities develop, Penn Color’s dedicated aqueous technical team has the experience and knowledge to help you successfully meet any and all challenges that may arise.

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UV Curable Pigment Dispersions

Penn Color’s Radiation Curable pigment dispersions are designed to offer the simple preparations of high quality inks and coatings, which cure by exposure to ultraviolet light or electron emitting sources. Due to the various performance requirements and curing technologies presently associated with radiation processing, Penn Color pigment dispersions are available in a variety of binder systems compatible with either cationic or free radical initiation systems.

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Solvent Products for Inks and Coatings

Penn Color offers a wide spectrum of colorants dispersed into numerous solvent-soluble polymers used in a variety of Ink and Coating applications. Because of certain unique physical properties, solvent based products will continue to be utilized for the foreseeable future. Since sustainability is important to us all, we invested in an on-site Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer many years ago. As a result, Penn Color’s VOC emissions meet or exceed current EPA guidelines.

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Functional Materials

In addition to the full line of pigment dispersions offered in water, solvent and UV curable monomers, Penn Color offers both standard and custom designed property-augmenting functional materials. As an example, we develop and produce gloss and dull clear coats to improve scratch, mar and impact- resistance.

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