Light-Blocking Technology
that Lets Your Design Shine

Pennaholt Where shelf appeal meets shelf-life performance.
Package design is key to differentiating your products, but the design process is often constrained by technical considerations. With pennaholt™, you never need to compromise.

Pennaholt™ is a platform technology for PET bottles which gives brands the freedom to specify brightness, oxygen barrier, light barrier, TiO2 level including zero percent, and recyclability. Create the exact package your brand needs to look and perform at its best.

Your design sets your brand apart. Pennaholt™’s flexibility makes it shine.

0% Tio2

Pennaholt™ is ideal for brand packaging that specifies zero TiO2. Even with no TiO2, pennaholt‘s patented light-blocking technology efficiently reduces light transmission across a wide range of wavelengths to protect photo-sensitive ingredients and product shelf life.


  • Liquid dairy
  • Non-dairy beverages
  • Juices
  • Personal care
  • Cosmetics
  • Nutritionals
  • Energy beverages
  • and more

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With less than one percent or no TiO2, packaging made with pennaholt™ supports bottle-to-bottle recycling in the white stream. Low or no TiO2 reduces the risk of non-intentionally added substances (NIAS) occurring in the recycling process. What’s more, there is less need for virgin material to replenish the resin. Improved circularity is the reason why pennaholt™ was named the 2020 winner of Packaging Europe Magazine’s 2020 Sustainability Award for driving the circular economy.

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