penneffex™ for Packaging

penneffex™ Matte

Application: Mono-Layer PET
When a low-gloss is more desirable in a PET container, our Matte technology can be utilized to harmonize PP, HDPE, and PET to one gloss level across a product family.

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penneffex™ Brushed Metal

Application:  Multi-Layer PET
Simulate a metallic spray coat while replacing the shrink sleeve, reducing costs and increasing the sustainability score of the package.

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penneffex™ Frost

Application:  Mono-Layer PET
Mimic frosted glass popular in high-end cosmetic and alcohol applications.

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penneffex™ Metallic

Application:  Mono-Layer & Multi-Layer PET
Enable a metallic finish while replacing secondary processes such as cold-foil, hot-stamping, or vacuum metallization.

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penneffex™ Travel

Application: Multi-Layer PET
Modeled after the chameleon colors prominent in the automotive industry, display a spectrum of intense color when viewed from different angles.

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penneffex™ Luster

Application: Mono-Layer & Multi-Layer PET
Enhance your brand with a lustrous gloss and depth unlike any package on the shelf today.

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