Single Stage Injection Stretch Blow Molding

  • Nissei ASB50 III, Two cavity
  • Three mold designs to select from
  • Single layer and two layer capability
  • PET and PP Polymer capability

Extruded Sheet and Film

  • Lab Tech Engineering LCR-300-HD Single Layer sheet line
  • 025 to 0.75 mm thickness capability
  • Multiple polymer systems

Injection Molding

  • Boy 35 Series
  • Arburg 270 and 221 K
  • 35 to 55 Ton Capacity
  • Variable thickness plaque mold
  • Closure mold
  • ASTM/UL Flame Test bar mold

Additional Equipment Capabilities:

  • 1” Tube extrusion line with external coating and UV curing capability
  • Conical Twin Screw extruder with sheet die
  • Fiber Spinning Line and carding winding capability

Instrumentation and Testing for Packaging:

Oxygen Analyzer(Mocon Optech)

Penn Color uses an internal method to screen pigments/dyes, additives and carrier used in master batches formulated for applications using oxygen scavenger.  This ensures your package is formulated with the optimum ingredients compatible with your process and final application.

Coefficient of Friction Testing:

The instrument can measure the kinetic and static coefficient of friction on films to determine how they will perform in you process and end use application.  This is useful in measuring a films ability to block or resist sticking upon roll up and take off. Penn Color offers a range of Antiblocking additives that can be tested in your polymer and film thickness to gauge performance.

Coefficient of friction tester. Testing Machine Incorporated(TMI)

Dimensional Stability Testing:

Pigments and additives can greatly influence the critical dimensions of closures, lids and molded parts. Penn Color internal test method for dimensional stability can screen raw material to arrive at the best selection for your application.

Fiber Spinning Color Matching and Additive Services:

Penn Color is equipped with two fiber spinning pilot lines capable of producing Nylon, PET or Polypropylene fiber for color matching, quality control and research & development exhibits.

Each line is capable of producing fiber up to 1400 denier, with filament sizes as low as 18 denier per filament (dpf).  The appearance of spun fiber is greatly influenced by color, gloss and texture. The gloss component is a function of the fiber’s cross section or morphology.  As such, we offer a variety of fiber cross sectional shapes including round, tri-lobal and delta morphologies to best match the end use application.

The lines are also equipped with in line drawing and texturizing to simulate the aesthetics of residential and commercial carpet. Various displays are available including card windings and Pom Poms of cut yarn for tufted applications.

We offer full computer color matching services for quick and precise custom matches for your application. Penn Color operates two server based color matching and quality control systems which are fully integrated into Penn Color’s global network.

In addition to standard color matching services, our Fiber Group offers functional additives for woven and non-woven systems including UV stabilizers, Antioxidant and thermal stabilizers, molecular weight and IV boosters, melt strength additives, and stain resistant technologies catered to your end use application.

Additional Physical Testing Capabilities:

  • Taber – Abrasion Tester
  • Surface Resistivity Meter
  • Mark 10 Force Gauge Model M5-100 – Tensile tester
  • Flatbed Gravure Proof Press
  • Drop Impact Tester
  • Conductivity Analysis (liquid & solid)
  • Wyzenbeek – Wear Tester
  • Viscosity Analysis (Rotational & Elusion Cups)
  • Spectrophotometer for Heat Management (TSR)
  • MultiAngle Spectrophotometer for measuring and quantifying effect pigments
  • Dual Beam Color spectrophotometers with quality control and formulation software
    • X-Rite
    • Data Color
    • Konica Minolta
    • Hunter
  • Light Transmission (haze analysis & transmission)
  • Gloss Meter

Instrumentation and Testing for Packaging:

  • Screening of colorants for O2 scavenger interaction:
    • Penn Color uses an internal method to screen pigments/dyes, additives and carrier used in master batches formulated for applications using oxygen scavenger. This ensures your package is formulated with the optimum ingredients compatible with your process and final application.
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