Masterbatches and Color Concentrates for Plastics

Solid Masterbatches

Solid color and additive masterbatches have been the industry wide best practice for coloring polymers throughout the globe. The combination of performance, cleanliness, storage and shelf life, ease of use and cost-effectiveness gives them significant advantages over pre-colored resins compounds, liquid color and raw pigments in most plastic applications.

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Liquid Colorants

Penn Color got its start in 1964 producing solid masterbatches, but we’ve also been producing liquid colors for inks and coatings applications for over 40 years. We recently launched a line of liquid colorants to complement our solid color products – one of just a few colorant companies to produce both alternatives.

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Single Pigment Dispersions

Single pigment dispersions, also called mono-pigments or SPDs, are very highly-loaded masterbatches in solid or liquid form, utilizing just one individual pigment. SPDs are the preferred method of coloring in many applications and industries such as PVC films, cast acrylic sheet, and pre-colored compounds.

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Plastic Additives

As a technology based and solution providing company, Penn Color invests significant resources in the development of polymer additives. We strive to develop products that solve the most difficult challenges, maintaining the delicate balance of cost vs. performance. Our product development and testing efforts are supported by a well-equipped analytical laboratory, along with many pieces of applications equipment.

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