Coatings & Printing Inks

Automotive Coatings

Penn Color has been a global development partner with automotive OEM, refinish and fleet paint manufacturers for over 40 years. Our products are custom designed for each client and span a wide range of technologies – from traditional solvent born technologies in CAB, acrylic and nitrocellulose resin systems to our latest high chroma aqueous line.

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Resilient Flooring

Penn Color is an international supplier of high performance inks for the Luxury Vinyl Tile (“LVT”) and cushion vinyl flooring markets. Our inks and coatings product lines encompass both water and solvent based systems.

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Penn Color specializes in formulating high performance inks and coatings for the Rotogravure, Flexographic, Rotary Screen and Surface printing of PVC, PVC coated paper, Paper, TPO film and non-woven substrates for Wallcovering applications. A full range of water and solvent based products are available.

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Digital Printing

Over the past 25 years, the digital printing industry has developed well beyond the traditional decoration of tags, labels and billboards. As this technology has evolved into different markets, Penn Color has been there every step of the way providing unique and creative coloring solutions to help our customers stay ahead of the curve.

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Optical Fibers

Since the mid 1960’s, Penn Color has provided invaluable assistance to the communication industry in identifying and protecting delicate communication systems from the environment and assisting the industry in the identification of the myriad of wires that are crucial to our existence.

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Nail Polish

For over 30 years, Penn Color has been a global leader in the supply of cosmetic grade nitrocellulose pigment dispersions. Offered in both solid chip and liquid paste forms, our extensive color palette provides nail lacquer producers with the tools to design, and successfully market, an unlimited number of new colors each year.

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Industrial Coatings

Penn Color is a global supplier of both liquid and solid chip dispersions to the industrial coatings market. Our products are used in everything from exterior roofing, road marking and bridges to wood finishes.

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Wood Finishes

Penn Color manufactures a full line of high performance pigment dispersions formulated for the staining and finishing of wood furniture, flooring and cabinetry. Utilizing our proprietary processing techniques, we are able to achieve maximum pigment particle size reduction and provide the highest levels of chroma and transparency.

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