Pennacle® is a comprehensive line of unique technologies and novel solutions for blow molding applications. Our pennacle® color and additive masterbatches are designed for optimal performance in all types of blow molding processes. Our proprietary carrier systems are fully compatible with all common blow molding resins, including PET, PP, PE and many more.

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With over a half century of experience in making color concentrates and masterbatches for the outdoor building and construction market, Penn Color’s expertise is unparalleled in the industry. The culmination of that knowledge and experience is evident in our line of Omni-Max® masterbatches for the building and construction markets.

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As injection-molding technology has improved over the years, so has the need for more enhanced color and additive masterbatches with improved performance capabilities. This revolutionary line of masterbatches is formulated specifically for injection-molded parts, providing optimum color, durability and stability. The results: tighter control for more consistent results.

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Penn Cast

Penn Color is an industry leader in masterbatches, special effect materials and functional additives for both interior and exterior Cast Acrylic applications, sold under our Penn Cast trade name. The Penn Cast program is suitable for close, accurate matches for both cell and continuous acrylic cast sheet.

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