Penn Color: Rigid Bottles, Containers For Dairy

For dairies looking to package their liquid dairy products in rigid packaging with an emphasis on preserving nutritional quality and taste, Penn Color offers its pennacle® BARRIER model to predict various unknown variables during the package development process.

Penn Color, a global producer of color and additives masterbatches, has been co-developing solutions with their converter and brand owner customers in support of the Ultra High Temperature (UHT) sterilized and Extended Shelf Life (ESL) liquid dairy markets in Europe, South America, China, Middle East, and the U.S. Dairies are looking for innovative ways to package their products and extend shelf life, and rigid bottles and containers have proven to be an effective solution. There are many unknown variables when designing a light sensitive package, and the pennacle® BARRIER model provides accurate packaging recommendations and predictive cost modeling prior to experimenting on expensive blow-molding and filling lines.

Whether you’re considering a monolayer or multilayer structure, Penn Color can customize a solution to meet your nutritional quality and taste expectations, in addition to extending shelf life. In conjunction with the predictive model, Penn Color offers customizable pennacle® OPAQUE masterbatch technologies for PET, PE, and PP that can enhance the container’s light barrier at low LDR’s without negatively impacting the conversion process.

The pennacle® BARRIER model is not only used for dairy applications, it can be applied to any rigid packaging application that is sensitive to light degradation; including vitamins, supplements, nutrition drinks and enhanced beverages. In addition, Penn Color has the ability to measure the effectiveness of oxygen barrier resins and additives to assure their color masterbatches do not impact O2 ingress or CO2 digress.