5th Dairy Asia Pacific Summit, Nov. 15-16

Come and see Penn Color at the Fifth Dairy Asia Pacific Summit, November 15-16, 2018 at the Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel. Presenting pennaHOLT(TM) breakthrough technology for engineers PET packages with high opacity and low TiO2. Penn Color’s new high opacity masterbatch, pennaHOLT(TM), gets ahead of the consumers and industry expectations to improve recyclability and support usage of recycled opaque PET, by reducing TiO2 content.

The synergistic composition of pennaHOLTTM(TM) exploits the effect of orientation and dissimilar refractive indices to achieves superior light blocking performance, whiteness and special effects, with at least 40% less TiO2 than conventional masterbatches.

See you in Singapore!