Cast and Extruded Sheet

Whether you’re making heavy gauge polyolefin sheet, translucent acrylic sheet for signage or lighting, solid or foamed PVC sheet, or thin gauge PS for thermoformed applications, we have products to make your life easier.

  • Our High Sheer extruders create fully dispersed color concentrates, eliminating:
    • color shift on heavy gauge sheet
    • surface pitting on thin gauge thermoformed sheet
  • High pigment loadings for better opacity in thermoformed applications
  • High performance UV packages available as an individual concentrate, or incorporated into a color concentrate for outdoor applications
  • Extremely uniform pellet sizes for precise feeding with volumetric color feeders
  • Full knowledge of all industry standard acrylic sheet colors
  • Lab sized conical twin screw extruder can make lab sheet samples of solid and foamed PVC sheet
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