Founded in 1964, Penn Color has been an industry leading producer of color concentrates and pigment dispersions for plastics for nearly half a century. Each of our global facilities develops and manufactures a full line of high quality color and additive masterbatches in all thermoplastic polymers.

End Markets:

  • Primary end markets for our products include packaging, building & construction, synthetic fiber, films, compounds, and cast & extruded sheet.
  • Other typical end applications for our products include toys, marine, automotive, housewares, food service, electronics, medical and many others.

Penn Color sells products that find their way into food, cosmetic, consumer products, and industrial chemicals. Our colorants are used in bottles, closures, thermoformed sheet, tubes, liners, and molded containers.

  • Our PENNACLE ® product line is the best PET colorant system in the business.  For more information, click here:
  • Onsite single stage blow molder allows us to present color matches in PET or PP bottle form
  • Full line of UV additive concentrates for content protection
  • Extensive database of special effect pigments and pigment combinations
  • Outstanding correlation from lab scale to production orders
  • Compliance with all regulations including FDA, CONEG, EU
  • Member of the Color Marketing Group, putting us at the forefront of upcoming color trends

Penn Color’s 25+ years of experience in the manufacture of custom color  and additive concentrates for the building and construction industry allows us to provide value to our customers and the industries which they serve.

Penn Color services all aspects of the Building Products Market, and it is our superior service, laboratory capabilities, and extensive market knowledge that makes Penn Color the colorant and additive partner of choice.

Penn Color specializes in high quality, dispersed color concentrates for engineered films where poor dispersion can affect product quality.  We are also the recognized leader in dispersions for calendared & extruded PVC films in North America.

  • High sheer extruders produce fully dispersed pigment particles, eliminating:
    • Specks in the film
    • Blowouts during production
    • Surface imperfections
  • High pigment loadings allow for lower coloring cost, and/or higher opacity
  • Standard line of single pigment dispersions (SPDs) for PVC films
  • Phthalate-free PVC SPDs are also available
  • Available as pellet or powder with tightly controlled particle size distribution for accurate feeding

Regardless of the polymer you are compounding in, Penn Color can make a color matched concentrate in any choice of carrier resin. Or, if you prefer, we can provide single pigment dispersions (SPDs) to remove raw pigment from your facility and allow you to lower your cost by matching your own colors with SPDs.

  • Products available as Single Pigment Dispersions (SPDs) or as multi-pigment color matches
  • Extremely high single pigment loadings in your choice of carrier resin will take the hassle of dusty raw pigment out of your plant, without sacrificing physical properties of your compound, and keep coloring cost increases to a minimum
  • Standard line of PVC SPDs are available
  • Available as pellet or powder with tightly controlled particle size distribution for accurate feeding

Whether you’re making heavy gauge polyolefin sheet, translucent acrylic sheet for signage or lighting, solid or foamed PVC sheet, or thin gauge PS for thermoformed applications, we have products to make your life easier.

  • Our High Sheer extruders create fully dispersed color concentrates, eliminating:
    • color shift on heavy gauge sheet
    • surface pitting on thin gauge thermoformed sheet
  • High pigment loadings for better opacity in thermoformed applications
  • High performance UV packages available as an individual concentrate, or incorporated into a color concentrate for outdoor applications
  • Extremely uniform pellet sizes for precise feeding with volumetric color feeders
  • Full knowledge of all industry standard acrylic sheet colors
  • Lab sized conical twin screw extruder can make lab sheet samples of solid and foamed PVC sheet

Penn Color specializes in providing high performance products combined with a high level of service for the very diverse solution-dyed fiber industry.  Our products are sold to manufacturers that produce products for a variety of applications.


  • Automotive
  • Commercial
  • Residential
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