Energy Curable Pigment Dispersions

Penn Color's Radiation Curable pigment dispersions are designed to offer the simple preparation of high quality inks and coatings, which cure by exposure to ultraviolet light or electron emitting sources. Due to the various performance requirements and curing technologies presently associated with radiation processing, Penn Color dispersions are available in a wide variety of binder systems compatible either cationic or free radical initiation systems.

Provided in a paste form, our dispersion have been designed around a broad array of reactive intermediates to suit every application need in radiation processing. High performance pigments are formulated into many different multifunctional monomers (acrylates, diacrylates & triacrylates), monomeric diluents, low viscosity epoxy acrylates and conventional reactive epoxies suitable for cationic initiation. Dispersions in low Draise monomers such as ethoxylated trimethylolpropane triacrylate and propoxylated neopentyl glycol diacrylate.

Among the numerous advantages associated with the use of Penn Color’s Radiation Curable pigment dispersions are the following:

  • Shelf Life – no change after 90 days° at 120F.
  • Dispersion Stability – designed to resist settling and flocculation.
  • Additives – selected to function without interference of photoresponse of final film properties.
  • Formulation Flexibility – dispersions available in a wide range of monomers with varying functionalities.
  • Compatibility – designed for compatibility with acrylates, methacrylates, unsaturated polyesters, acrylamide and epoxies.

Our standard line of pigment dispersions are used in a number of industries including Inkjet Ink, Optical Fibers, Industrial Coatings, Wood Finishes, Circuit Boards, and Solid Surfaces.

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