Penn Color has been there since the mid 1960's to aid the communication industry in identifying and protecting delicate communication systems from the environment and assisting the industry in the identification of the myriad of wires that are crucial to our existence.

Insulating the first copper wires, it became evident that a method of identification would be needed to insure proper connections and to identify needed repairs. Color became the ideal choice and a system was developed to provide a universal palette that could be identified globally. As PVC was the most prevalent polymer for wire and cable shielding, Penn Color was a logical choice to provide PVC colorants to the compounding industry to service this industry. Still a viable market, the vast majority of communication connections utilize hard type connections, copper or aluminum, although protective and identifying coatings have evolved into using a wide variety of polymers as well as PVC.

As the major supplier of Nitrocellulose Chip and Pastes to the nail lacquer industry, Penn Color broadens the definition of Protective Coatings. Perhaps subjected to more abuse and neglect than in any other market, nail polish is required to provide a durable, high gloss finish to a substrate that is constantly being tested.

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Penn Color's Radiation Curable pigment dispersions are designed to offer the simple preparation of high quality inks and coatings, which cure by exposure to ultraviolet light or electron emitting sources. Due to the various performance requirements and curing technologies presently associated with radiation processing, Penn Color dispersions are available in a wide variety of binder systems compatible either cationic or free radical initiation systems.

Solid Surface is broadly defined as solid Acrylic Castings that can be fabricated to meet a particular need. Among those needs are counter tops, partitions, tub and shower enclosures and utilitarian type furniture such as conference tables, office desktops, plaques and picture frames. While the first entries into the Solid Surface marketplace were White and Off-Whites, it became readily apparent that the general public desired and demanded more colors to choose from. This desire has spawned an industry that now offers product lines with an excess of 40 colors and patterns and the variety continues to grow. With the initial white palette the need for pigment dispersions was minimal, but a quality supplier of FDA and NSF Colorant Packages is now crucial to this industry.

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