Inkjet Inks

Much has changed in the digital printing market over the past 25 years. Penn Color has been there every step of the way, providing unique and creative coloring solutions to help our customers stay ahead of the curve.  Each year the digital printing market demands more vibrant colors that perform at higher levels in more demanding applications.  Penn Color responds to these dynamic requirements with innovative, industry-leading manufacturing and formulation techniques that raise the bar for pigment preparations.

Our new, highly-loaded ink jet essentials are designed to allow the digital ink producer broad formulation latitude, while maintaining low ink viscosities, submicron particle sizes and very narrow particle size distributions.  The end result – greater color saturation, more transparency, gloss and better overall performance.  Penn Color’s new product line provides tremendous stability and maximum flexibility for use in a variety of wide, super wide and grand format digital printing applications.

Specially formulated by Penn Color to produce superior results, ink manufacturers will find these pigment preparations have the quality, consistency and durability to meet, or exceed, their coloring needs.  A full palette of colors is available for meeting most color gamut requirements.  Penn Color’s comprehensive line of ink jet essentials includes colors for both high performance outdoor end use and low cost, limited durability products. These preparations can be readily incorporated into ink formulations using typical ink mixing techniques.

Download a PDF brochure which lists our current line of ink jet offerings.

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