Penn Color is an international supplier of high performance inks and coatings for the resilient flooring market.

  • Inks and coatings experience encompasses both aqueous, solvent borne and plastisol systems.
  • Inks are custom designed to meet the performance demands of the industry and the capabilities and limitations of the printing equipment for each customer.
  • Designed for in line stand alone, in line continuous, rotary screen and enclosed doctor blade processes.
  • Proprietary chemical embossing technology – Penn Color has unique water based inhibition ink technology with very low VOC content.
  • Process and equipment diversity enable us to provide novel plant-scale solutions to customer needs. Large batch capability allows tote bin packaging, bulk container shipments and efficient quality assurance testing.
  • Penn Color’s facilities in the United States and Europe are ISO 9001 certified.
  • Aqueous systems are produced in the traditional anionic chemistries and also the much improved cationic systems.

Cationic Systems – Major advantages:

  • Improved print fidelity
  • Outstanding alkali resistance
  • Excellent adhesion to PVC and Olefins
  • Excellent rewet properties
  • Viscosity stability
  • Newtonian flow
  • Printability over a wide range of viscosities
  • Low odor level
  • Excellent cohesive strength (intercoat adhesion)
  • Good stability with metallic inks
  • Wide range of inhibitors
  • Low foaming properties
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