Advancing the Application of Color Control Technology

We support our customers' personnel involved in creating, communicating, specifying and evaluating color. Research & Development, Production, Engineering, Quality Control, Design and Sales as well as vendor relations can benefit from improving the understanding of color evaluation and color control.

Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with all the spectrophotometers below and the software that supports them. This expert resource combines a thorough understanding of color technology with practical knowledge of the customer and the industry.

Spectrophotometers Supported:

  • Datacolor
    • SF600™
  • Hunterlab
    • Ultra Scan® Pro
    • Color Flex
  • Konica Minolta
    • CM-3600
  • X-Rite
    • ColorEye 7000A
    • ColorEye XTH
    • Color i7
    • MA68 Multi-Angle
    • 530 Spectrodensitometer

Penn Color provides training and consulting to our customers in Color Science and Applied Color Technology as well as technical support for a wide variety of industries.

We provide assistance to our customers in many ways including:

  • Mentoring Color Technologists
  • Applications Problem Solving
  • Technical Support
  • Color Technology Tutorials

Our color technology experts assist our customers in many areas including:

  • Establish Standards
  • Single Pigment Dispersion Database
  • Sample Preparation
  • Sample Measurement
  • Process Improvement
  • Establish Color Tolerances
  • Mentor Color Technologists
  • Color Management
  • Quality Control
  • Color Audit
  • Instrument Correlation
  • Measurement Methods
  • Needs Analysis
  • Vision Testing

We know from our experience that the successful implementation of Color Technology requires education and technical support.  For more information, contact us or e-mail

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