Penn Color, Inc (PCI), one of the largest color and additive masterbatch producers in the world, announced a major expansion to their existing Research Center located on their 130-acre campus in Hatfield, PA.  

The new expansion – nearly 30,000 square feet – will be dedicated to the design and development of color and additive masterbatches for the plastics industry.  This expansion will enable PCI to grow and expand their capabilities for color matching, sample extrusion, accelerated weathering, physical testing, additive development, and new raw material evaluation. The expansion will also include significant enhancements to their Color Innovation Center, and allow Penn to expand their array of applications equipment, which already includes PET and PP blow molding, film and sheet extrusion, and tube extrusion.  Penn Color plans to break ground in the spring of 2015, and completion by the end of the year.

“The additional space and equipment planned for this Research Center will allow Penn Color to do more, faster, to support our growing worldwide customer base,” according to Jim Walsh, Technical Director of Thermoplastics at Penn Color.  “We’re giving our research team the best possible tools to work with, so they can develop new colorants and additives for packaging, industrial films, building and construction, and many other target markets.”  

As part of this expansion, PCI will also increase the footprint of their analytical laboratory and expand the capabilities.  Penn Color currently utilizes thermal and chemical analysis instrumentation including MDSC, TGA, Dynamic Shear Rheometer, FTIR(ATR attachment), GC/MS, GPC, HPLC, UV/VIS/IR Spectrophotometer, and a variety of laser based particle size analyzers."‘Penn Color is committed to continue to augment our analytical capabilities for more detailed chemical analysis of plastic compounds, masterbatches & finished parts, and support our additive and long term product development groups," adds Walsh.

“Our 24 hour color matching service & sample extrusion will be expanded to support our customers in the plastics markets that demand quick turnaround, including consumer and industrial packaging, single and multi-layer sheet & thermoforming, toys, outdoor recreational products, housewares, transportation and more,” adds Walsh.  

The new laboratory includes several types of advanced computer color matching systems, including formulation software used in PET, Polyolefins, Styrenics, PVC, PMMA and others. The extensive color database developed for the new color matching systems is currently being integrated throughout Penn Color’s Research and Development and Quality Control laboratories worldwide.

Another highlight of the new Plastics Design Center will be a Customer Innovation Area.  “This will provide exciting new interactive and hands on service to increase the speed and enhance the experience of new color development,” says Bob Kaminski, Director of Market Development at Penn Color. Brand owners and converters will be able to view an extensive library of color concepts, collaborate with our research team to create a vision, and our team will convert our customer’s vision into a final part molded on any piece of our applications equipment.  

Penn Color is a privately held company founded in 1964, and currently operates nine sites in the US, Europe and India.  Known as one of the most diverse colorant manufacturers in the world, Penn Color manufactures pigment dispersions and color & additive masterbatches for all thermoplastic polymers, as well as for specialty and industrial coatings, printing inks, and cosmetics.


我们的生活,以形状赋形,以纹理构造,以声音传递,更以色彩表现。PENN COLOR公司立志做到:

  • 坚持创新,赤诚服务全球客户
  • 引领潮流,领军相关产业市场
  • 快捷服务,满足超越客户期望
  • 灵活机动,紧跟产业变化需求
  • 开创成功,质量性能量身定制
  • Solutions in plastics and coatings formulations

风格个性尽在颜色,PENN COLOR引领你进入色彩的世界。


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